Life is a beautiful journey that takes us through varied hues and colours – and the pace maybe quick or slow – but it is always novel. So also rail journeys are full of exotic landscapes and pulsating life, and add to that a heady mix of luxury and hospitality and you are ready to take off on an enthralling Rail Journey with maharaja express.
Rail Journeys promises you the royal treatment reminiscent of Indian Maharajas’ – and a oriental holiday experience,
that only India with its mystic beauty and vibrant culture can provide.
We offer you five alluring rail routes to choose from, that take you to the very heart of the land that is as well-known for its hospitality, as its heritage. Each of these rail journeys will enchant you completely, leaving behind a repertoire of exotic, inexorable memories for you to cherish. After all, we create an exclusive combination of products and top it with our individual style, coupled with excellent service, ensuring you an experience to remember.
And this is what makes Yatra Rail Journeys so enticingly unique.
Our Expertise
We are innovators in our field and have earned a reputation for high quality service and customized products. After all, we mould our products keeping you in mind. Our products are tailored to suit your individual needs and give you the freedom to customise the itinerary as per your requirements, thus ensuring you an experience to remember. Book your holiday through Yatra Rail Journeys and feel the difference. Our distinctive range of services & packages, and attention to detail, will leave you asking for more!
How are we different
Quality Standards
Our packages are carefully planned by experts who are well-versed with the region and have a sharp insight into the requirements of our guests. They ensure that the packages meet the highest quality and actually surpass service levels expectations of a great holiday tour.
24×7 service offices
Yatra Rail Journeys offers 24×7 service support through the entire period of your tour. We understand that you may require assistance at any time during the tour. We hence provide you the services of a Yatra Rail Journeys Expert throughout the tour.
Language speaking experts
Are you worried about language problems when travelling? We provide multi-lingual support for all packages. Whichever language you speak, we will provide you a language expert who speaks your language.
Rate advantage
We are constantly building new partnerships with suppliers, and using our network of associates around the world towards this, so as to offer you the best rate advantage.
Information technology
your tech enabled infrastructure allows us to quickly respond to you. It also enables us to provide you 24 X 7 service support.
Integrity & relationship
All our products – be it the on-ground support staff or the product managers at the main office – are built on the strong foundations of integrity and relationships. We are able to provide our guests with the best of products and services, because we partner with vendors and hotels that uphold these key values of integrity and relationships.
Product differentiation
While designing a holiday package, the foremost priority for us is the comfort and seamless holiday experience of our guests. So we carefully plan each product, from which hotels to partner with to what places to add to the itinerary – that would give you the true taste of India. It is this meticulous detailing that makes our products stand out.
Preferred Partners
To provide world-class service to our guests, we partner with leading hotel chains pan India. Our partner hotels ensure an exclusive experience while living up to the exacting standards of service and quality that our guests expect. We carefully choose and select the best hotels in India to augment your singular Indian holiday experience.